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Stellar. Intense. Decadent.

A new coffee shop experience unlike any other, that’s how differently we do it at Public Café. Partnering with Greek boutique coffee producer, Dimello—each coffee cup or glass we serve is a gastronomic delight.

Try our unique coffee blends from Freddos to Frappes, you won’t find anywhere else.



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Mixing Business and Pleasure?

We at Public Café are fans of hearty food and drinks too, that’s why we endeavor to give our friends a better experience every time. Meet clients and business partners over lunch with our daily specials, while you connect to our complimentary WIFI as you peruse on important business emails. At sundown and on weekends, enjoy hanging out with friends over coffee and pastries as you catch up on each others’ busy work days!

Here at Public Café, whether you are power-dressed or in your training clothes, you get to experience dining and socialization the way you want it to be – hearty and homey.

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